Manual Manual

Pack contents

116 page Manual with:
  • 48 pages of text with step by step instructions
  • 67 pages of dimensioned drawings of all components of the machine
  • A Photos file with 277 pics with comments showing different parts in detail

    The Manual and the Photos file are organized into Chapters which correspond to the suggested building sequence. Each group of drawings and it associated text represent a component and is contained in a single Chapter. Suggested materials are specified all along.

    A possible source for commercial parts (such as T-track, Knobs, etc.) is indicated. These parts can be substituted by equivalents available in your area.

    This new version also includes the installation of a Router Lift with Dust Collection and associated Fence plus a separate Chapter about replacing commercial parts with shop-built ones.

    All material is printer-ready for A4 paper.

    Scales for Tilting mechanism and Angle Scales for setting Fences are also included full-size, printer-ready.

    The Pack is available in English or Spanish. English Espanol

    Price: 20 USD
    Paying only via Paypal