This is how your Format Tablesaw will look when built using the Plans we supply.

Format Tablesaw

This is not a beginners project. You must have some previous experience with tools and gain some expertise in their usage. As one of the videos show, sophisticated tools are not really necessary. Having access to additional tools or machinery could ease some of the tasks.

Be aware that the whole project is subdivided into several smaller components that are assembled into the final product either during construction or at the end of it. Some components (such as the Outrigger Table, Telescopic Arm and large Crosscut Fence) are really accessories. They can be built and added later if, for example, your shop is small or you do not work with large panels. Without them, the Saw will be still a valuable addition to your shop. Just consider the Sliding Table and the integral Dust Collector that sets it really apart from others.

Having said that, the pleasure of building and operating your own machinery has no equal. You get to know it intimately making maintenance and repairs a real asset. Proof of this is our prototype which has been going strong for 19 years and is still top notch.