The original Saw was built in 1997 loosely following Gilliom plans and using a few parts sold by them. Over the years there were a lot of modifications and improvements. The following pictures illustrate its evolution until present time.

By 2015 the original machine acquired the status of “prototype” and in 2016 the final design took shape and all new features were fully tested.


First version. Even then the motor was fully enclosed inside the cabinet, metal trunnions were used for tilting and a first attempt of a sliding table was incorporated. There was also a crude dust collector at the bottom.


The saw was enlarged to the right with a bigger table to accommodate a router and small jointer powered with a second dedicated router. It became a workstation.


A major revision of the concept in a first attenmpt to incorporate Format style features.


The final stage of the “prototype” with revised fence design, a new dust collector with a Thien Separator and a coat of paint to cover the many previous modifications.


An excellent first example of the new design built from the plans. It incorporates all the features of a true Format Tablesaw that can be replicated at shop-level.