A real case of using Fritz & Franz jig

A few days ago I needed to produce a few 18mm diameter 6mm thick wooden disks. It appeared to be a good opportunity to use Fritz & Franz and record pictures of the whole job. Here it goes.

I started with a piece of scrap about 40mm on each side and 22mm thick. Ripped it to 22mm as you see at left.

Now I had a 22mm square piece, 40mm long.

Since it was to be turned in my lathe to the required diameter, it was decided to turn the square section into an octagonal one.

I started by rotating it roughly 45° and setting the stops to approximate position by eye. Two adjacent edges were cut with the same setting.

I then reset the stops to 22mm and proceeded to cut the two remaining edges with the new setting.

Here is the resulting octagonal shaped workpiece, its center already marked and ready to be turned at the lathe.

Turned down to 18mm diameter.

The side view of the 40mm long cylinder.

I would normally cut round objects using a “V” block and the bandsaw. However, in this case I wanted perfect faces so the table saw was my choice.

Fritz & Franz hold odd shaped objects and this cylinder was no exception.

Readjusting the stop after each cut I obtained the desired discs. Notice how such a small piece can be firmly held and cut.

One more to go!

Here is the final crop. Four perfect discs and two scraps. Now a bit of sandpaper on the rims…

And the jig that made that possible!

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