Multi-use Stand

This shop Stand looks like many others already published elsewhere. However, most are designed for a single purpose, namely as an outfeed support for the table saw. This one will indeed work for that purpose but its head is conceived to function as an open base that can receive different tops or shop items. Such versatility will be appreciated as, instead of occupying space and being used occasionally, it may become a frequent tool to reach for. I know because that is what happens in my own shop!
Its construction is very simple but really sturdy. Just follow the single page Multi-use_Stand.pdf drawing we include here. You will want to use heavy wood for the three legs as this provides a firm base and a low center of gravity making it difficult to topple accidentally.

Here is a view of the outfeed head. The transfer balls have been staggered to obtain maximum continuous support.

The back has two ply or MDF rectangles screwed so that the center space registers with the end of the stem. Their width is tailored to fit between the upper two sides of the stem. This arrangement should be replicated for any of the alternative “heads” you may want to devise. It will keep whatever you install firmly in place and changing items is very easy.

This is the plug that fits inside the stem. It has a centered 8mm hole that receives, in this case, a drafting style lamp.

The installed plug. The aluminum plate prevents it from dropping inside the hollow stem. A pair of routed recesses allow fingers to pull it out when necessary.

There is also a recess for the aluminum plate. This way the plug may be left in place when installing other “head” items.

I have three of these drafting lamps. They all have an 8mm diameter stem at the lower end. This allows installation in several strategic locations around the shop.

With the lamp installed in the stand you can have lighting anywhere to suit your requirements. I use all three when taking pictures for these articles. More light and less shadows result in better shots.

This is a tool tray. It has a hole at the center to plug-in a lamp if necessary. The plug is left below in order to keep the lamp stem vertical. I glued a fender washer over the hole to avoid the lamp base from damaging the wooden tray. It also makes rotating the lamp a lot smoother.

With this arrangement you can have tools and light wherever you need it.
Based on the above examples you can think of any other options and put the stand to further uses in the shop. Let your imagination run free!

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