Regulator Wall Clock

This project started with a cheap quartz clock which I found in a local supermarket. Its sphere attracted me on account that it looked like a Train Station replica. It worked pretty well with just a single A battery, so the fake copper ring used as a mounting and the round glass were promptly discarded. I just kept the sphere, the hands and the mechanism.

I had an old Woodsmith issue (Nov/Dec 1984) with detailed plans to construct the case. Had to make a few adjustments as the clock face I had was slightly smaller. No big deal.

Oak is not available in Uruguay but there is a very reasonable substitute imported from Brazil. The wood is named Cerejeira and produces a fragrant odor when cut. An agreeable spicy smell. It also takes finishing very well and the final product resembles oak fairly closely. I used a wipe-on varnish mixture which I learned from Fine Woodworking magazine. Will describe it in another article soon.

For the pendulum, I tried to get a used one but it was too battered to recover. Only the adjustment screw was usable. Settled down to do it myself. The disk was turned from hardwood in my lathe, well sanded and painted gold with a spray can of the proper colour. It is static as I vainly searched for a suitable mechanism. If I can get one in the future I will install it. Anyway, I do not miss it that much and most people don’t notice its absence!

Hope you like that clock I hung in my home office. It shows how a cheap item can be upgraded to look much better with some interesting woodworking challenge.

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