FMT metal parts

Three years have gone by since we started offering the plans to build a DIY Format Style Tablesaw. During this period there were some excellent examples which we were proud to feature in this web page. We do not know how many others were actually finished the build and would be pleased to hear from constructors that reached the final stage.

The design calls for some essential custom made lathe parts which we suspect pose some difficulties to interested builders. These are: the main arbor shaft and the retaining wheel mounts for the sliding table.

André has the right facilities and skill to produce these. We are, therefore, starting a list of those builders that are interested to have them supplied at a nominal cost plus shipping expenses.

Depending on how many contact us, we will determine the final cost and decide if it is feasible to go ahead. So, as from now, you may send an email informing us if you are interested. We will publish how many requests are there and, eventually, the cost of manufacturing said parts.

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