Miguel Genova’s Table Saw – Part 2

This the second and final part of Miguel Genova’s build. His saw is now completed and nicely finished.

Miguel added a deflector to the Blade Hood to enhance the capture of sawdust funneling it into the pickup port that connects to the Dust Collector. He designed it to almost reach the blade center and reports better control of dust being thrown up by the blade teeth at the back.

To provide access for cleaning and eventual clogging of the ducting he mounted the deflector on the Riving Knife. Removing it the whole unit comes out easily.

Here is a view from the other side. The clear cover allows controlling things at a glance.

A close-up view of the front reveals that now all T-tracks are in place as well as the metal top cover of the tables. Lack of space prevented the construction of the Outrigger Table and its accessories.

The Crosscut and Rip Fences use the same extruded aluminum profile. This is quite convenient, if available, as they provide T-slots all around to install every kind of jig, stops or systems you can think of.

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