Miguel Genova’s Table Saw – Part 1

Miguel lives in Spain and has a small shop in his garage. Using his old commercial table saw he was able to slowly build a Format Table Saw. There are some details he plans to add shortly, but so far the new machine became already operational.

This first picture of the Power Box module shows the inside with the Arbor mounted following the instructions provided with the plans.

The view from the outside depicts a nice painting job and attention to detail. He is using a three-phase motor. These provide equivalent power in a much smaller size. He plans to use a a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to run his modor from single phase electricity supply. VFDs also provide motor speed control.

Here is the Cabinet with the Power Box installed on Metal Trunnions. At the back is Miguel’s old table saw and a wooden bandsaw. Again a nice paint job enhances the looks of the machine. It sure is a cramped shop as seen here.

Miguel is using the upper section of his shop vac for the Dust Collection System. In a pinch he can reassemble the shop vac for general cleaning. Notice that he placed the Blast Gates on the right side of the machine.

This view clearly shows such modification. Since the Format Table Saw back will be parked near the wall, the modification places the Blast Gate controls more conveniently and also allows the Dust Collection System to connect to the nearby bandsaw making it double-duty.

A general view from the left. The Sliding Table not yet installed.

Nearing completion, now with the Sliding Table in place. Miguel changed the main switch to the front for easier access due to lack of space at the left side.

A three quarters view from the left. Notice that the old table saw has been moved away. Its massive Rip Fence is now used in the new machine. The T-Tracks are not fixed yet and the steel cover on the tables is also not attached. We look forward to learn these details are completed soon and expect some photos once the job gets finished.

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