Joost's Format Table Saw - Part 1

Dr. Joost Garen started his build by outsourcing the construction of the main Arbor. He was fortunate to find a top notch lathe turner which followed the specifications closely and did an excellent job.

View of the Blade Support Plate. Very neat.

The outer washer and corresponding nut.

Joost opted for using flats on the shaft to hold it while changing blades.

The female part of one set of Trunnions.

A pair of trunnions exhibiting the excellent workmanship.

A superb example build of the Power Box.

The Power Box being installed inside the Cabinet using several clamps to ensure correct alignment.

Testing the Trunnions by tilting the Power Box.

Further testing now with the Motor installed.

Before the Power Box was installed, Joost did a provisional installation of the Sliding Table.

The Sliding Table is now fully functional as well as the remaining items such as the Blade Cover, Fixed Table and Rip Fence.

View from the front with the Sliding Table in its middle position.

And a final view with the Sliding Table pulled completely to the front. Joost claims he is just starting to learn wooworking but the results are quite remarkable. He says it is proof that even begginers can tackle this build with confidence.

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