Dust Collector Exhaust Muffler

With the Dust Collector venting to the outside it was found that the noise level increased severalfold and a jet of cooling air would hit the operator and blow dust or debris laying in the shop. Therefore we set down to design a muffler that would deal with these two issues.
There were a few test arrangements before we settled for the present one. Some of the photos correspond to initial approaches.
As a bonus for our faithful readers and followers we are offering freebie plans for the Muffler at the following LINK. These plans show a chamfered upper part, but you can use a rounded one for better looks if you wish.

The unit is entirely constructed with MDF. The picture shows some vanes used in a first prototype. We found these are not really necessary.

The vanes glued in place.

Rough cutting with the bandsaw and then sanding produced a rounded final shape

View from the side

Round cover glued in place. Note the non-through cuts done with the FMT Saw to ease bending the MDF cover.

View from the outside. Overhang not yet trimmed.

View from inside the end.

Overhang trimmed with the bandsaw and sanded flush with the sides.

Finished upper part of the channel.

The channel bottom and sides ready for assembly.

Gluing the deflectors in place, using scrap wood to support heavy tools as clamps.

The set of vanes inside the channel reduce sound forcing a path that breaks the waves.

Side view. Through-dowels were used to reinforce areas where the front cover will be screwed.

Front cover screwed in place.

Overall view with the curved air intake glued at the upper end.

A first coat of primer applied.

Installed and ready to use. Warm Air goes downwards to the floor. Sound level is much more lower now. Complete success.

The plans are free for download [ Exhaust_Muffler.pdf ].

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