Format Table Saw Plans V3

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 3 of the Plans, Manual and Photos File for building our design of a Format Style Table Saw.
This improved version strives to reduce lathe work to an absolute minimum and incorporates several changes that should enhance efficiency as well as making quite a few things easier to build, assemble and operate. We were fortunate to receive feedback from builders and this has helped to offer an altogether better machine. Last, but not least, requests for some special features were also contemplated.
As of this date, all new requests will receive V3. Those who purchased the previous version are entitled to download the new one free of charge. Just open the Plans section and follow the instructions.
We thank you all for the support and many favourable comments received via YouTube. We sincerely hope these new documents fulfill your expectations and continue meriting your constant approval.

Héctor and André

April 2018

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