Pedro's Format Table Saw - Part 2

A look at the Blade Hood parts. Note that plastic has replaced hardboard.

Another look at the very neat components before assembly.

Here is the final outcome.

A look from the other side.

Note the use of flat head screws (not countersunk head) to avoid breaking the plastic.

The Power Box with the Hood and Motor installed.

The 3HP, 3000 rpm Motor still has its connecting box and capacitors on it.

Note that the Power Box plywood has a smooth and a rough side. Pedro used the smooth face on the inside to achieve better sliding of the Arbor Carriage.

Plenty of views to relish in this magnificent work...

...also from this other angle.

This is real pro work! Note the careful choice of colours, the overall neatness and clean handiwork!

There is only a single switch to control the Saw. Pedro has a dedicated dust collector (partially seen at the back), so he will not be using the integral Thien Baffle. Note that a notch has been added at the left to clear the Blade Hood hose.

Close up of the perfect installation of the dust hose.

Very good work with the wiring. The wooden clamps are brilliant, simple and effective. The Motor's black box appears to have been relocated somewhere unseen.

Wiring at the switch end is also very neat. Rubber caps on the terminals would be ideal, but anyway this area is normally out of reach. Note the special blue mounting board. Also note the elongated hole for the Sliding Table Base.

Round red wooden couplings were used at the universal joint. Pedro used standard threaded rod instead of Acme.

The crosspiece is bolted on, no woodscrews used here.

A final comment quoted from Pedro's mail: "My first test cut was on a 70mm thick oak workpiece. I was astounded. The clean cut, the power and low vibration of the machine conveyed the impression of cutting a simple fruit."

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