Pedro's Format Table Saw - Part 1

We have received a set of photos from Pedro Morey Ribot showing his splendid work. Pedro is from Spain and lives in the island of Mallorca on the Mediterranean Sea.

This view of his finished Power Box, including the Riving Knife and Blade Guard is a fitful introduction to his high quality handiwork. Note the slight clearance between the Arbor Carriage and the Outer Box. He has closely followed the plans and suggestions and included the slotted bolt ends for mounting the pillow blocks.

A view from the left side with an 18mm scrap length showing how the table top will look and the maximum cutting height of the blade. The balancing spring for the Blade Guard is yet to be installed.

The Floating Carriage for the Sliding Table, finished and ready to be installed.

Here it is on a test run over the Lower Track.

An end view of the Sliding Table including its Main Base.

Back view of the Sliding Table pulled to the front. Note that the gussets and table top are already in place.

Close-up of the wiping brushes.

These are the parts for the blade tilting operating mechanism. Universal joint, crosspiece and handwheel.

The neat handwheel for raising the blade.

Close-up shot of the Pivoting Nut that will be installed in a corner of the Power Box. A threaded rod will link it to the tilting mechanism.

Pedro departed from the plans and devised an ingenious replacement lock for the Retracting Wheels. It slides horizontally for a very positive action.

A farther away view showing the final installation inside the Cabinet. Pedro even paints inside parts that will be hardly ever seen.

Cabinet almost completely assembled. Only the front is missing and the Sliding Table is yet to be installed.

Bottom view of the Retracting Wheels.

Test fitting the Cabinet Front. We look forward to soon publish photos of other components as the Saw is nearing completion. Thank you Pedro for sharing your nice work!

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