Fritz and Franz jig - Part 4

The Fritz and Franz jig can be used to cut tapers. They can be one, two, three or four sided.

Here you see a four sided taper. To cut the first side set the workpiece as illustrated. Note that the end (foot) of the taper is facing into the blade. It is recommended to mark with pencil lines the end (foot) with the final profile. Also mark on the sides where the taper should end.

Set the adjustable stops so that the lines are aligned with the blade and cut away. For the following taper you should rotate the workpiece clockwise along its axis so that a fresh uncut side is against the stops.

The remaining tapers require to readjust the stop at the farther end (foot) using the profile drawn there. This is necessary because the original uncut sides used as reference are now already tapered.

The above procedure can be used for all four types of taper. A special case is a two sided taper where the sides are not contiguous. This will require resetting the farther stop after cutting the first taper.

A view of the farther stop (foot) after being reset.

The nearer stop (head) is not changed during the process.

Tapering a wide workpiece

The nearer stop (head) has block screwed on to be able to capture the workpiece set at a higher angle.

The farther (foot) block need not be modified.

The final cut.

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