Taper-Lock Pulleys

Here are the components of a typical Taper-Lock Pulley. Its center bush is split to allow it to be compressed onto the shaft. Opposite this split there is a tapped half-hole and two plain half-holes at each side of the split.

Taper-Lock Inserts are available for different shaft diameters. They already include a slot for a keyway. The shaft on our Tablesaw needs no keyway, a Taper Lock system is more than enough to hold the pulley securely in place. On the other hand, the motor will probably come already with a keyway-shaft. It is up to you to use a key or not.

To order the right pulley you must:

  1. Select its outer diameter (depending on rpm of the motor and blade, see the specifications in the Manual).
  2. Measure the diameter of your motor shaft.
  3. Order Taper Inserts for Motor-pulley and Bladeshaft-pulley with the right shaft diameter.
All you need to install or remove a Taper-Lock Pulley is an Allen key of the right size.

Mounting Taper-Lock Pulleys

Hang the pulley on the shaft. Check that the smaller diameter of the taper is towards the motor or pillow block.

Now insert the tapered bush onto the shaft. Align the keyway slots (if using one) and slip the pulley in place aligning its three half-holes with those in the tapered bush.

Insert the two grub screws in the holes located at each side of the slit. Tighten both evenly so that the pulley will sit straight on the tapered bush.

Dismounting a Taper-Lock Pulley

Loosen and completely remove both mounting screws.

Insert one of these screws in the hole oppposite the split.

Tighten this screw in and the pulley will be pushed out from the tapered bush.

The pulley and tapered bush are separated and both may now be removed from the shaft.

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