Commercial Clamps

If you are inclined to spend a little bit more, Rockler has produced two types of clamps of excellent quality.

Here you see the Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp being used to clamp a workpiece against the crosscut fence on the sliding table.

Both types are adjustable for pressure and they apply what you set up no matter the thickness of the workpiece. The one you see here has an adjustable non-marring no-slip face with a travel of 90mm. The blue knurled wheel at the base locks the clamp onto the T-Track.

The second type is called Auto-Lock T-Track Hold Down Clamp and boasts the same functionality in a vertical plane. It will hold down a sheet of paper or a 70mm high workpiece equally well, with the same preset pressure. The clamping head travels 50mm and the whole clamp rotates 360°.

As you see, one of the plywood scrap pieces was removed to show how the head adjusts itself to a different height.

This is how the clamps look from the bottom. Note that the horizontal clamp has holes for small bolts to set it at 90° or 45° to the T-Track. You can remove those bolts as I did to be able to rotate and set the clamp at any other angle or in-line with the T-Track.

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