Simple Hold-down

This simple hold-down is built around a drill press hold-down supplied by You may find it also in Amazon, Woodcraft, etc.

The original has a ring nut to attach it to the drill press table. You may discard it and screw the post directly into a slightly smaller hole in a plywood base. The post has two flats for a wrench and will cut its own thread when screwed in.

The base is 120mm x 120mm, shape is unimportant. A 45mm wide piece of scrap plywood is glued at the front to provide enough height for the threaded end of the post. Glue sandpaper on this edge to provide a non-slip gripping surface.

Use a T-Bolt with a cam clamp to attach the hold-down to the Sliding Table. A knob or a wingnut can be used for the same purpose.

The clamping head can be slid up or down to adjust for workpiece thickness. The clamp itself also has a two-step cam action to select clamping force.

A hardwood strip on the underside will keep the base aligned. Note that the T-Bolt is also kept aligned with a nail (with its head cut off ) that fits into a small hole.

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