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This web page was created to deal with the many requests for plans and information we have received since publishing our videos in YouTube. We hope it will streamline answering those requests and that it will eventually become a meeting point for all interested parties.

We coined its name to convey the idea that many things become possible if one dares to think that way. In fact, the main subject we will be dealing with, a Format style Tablesaw, is a real example of facing a design which, to our knowledge, has never been considered until now. This machine is not a collection of partial items, it is a complete set of plans from A to Z to build a fully functional Format Tablesaw.

Presently we are able to supply downloadable Plans, Instructions and Photos (with commentaries) to build a Format Tablesaw by yourself in your own shop. We also offer written support replies to any questions you may have on the subject.

Someone may ask what a Format Tablesaw is. Technically it is considered a Panel Tablesaw mainly because of its ability to handle cutting and sizing such materials efficiently. Having said that, you must be aware that the design presented here is a compromise of functionality versus required space. We cannot ignore the fact that most home workshops suffer from lack of space. However, this does not mean that the design cannot be enlarged (or reduced) should it become necessary. Enlarging usually means a longer sliding table and this implies other modifications and reinforcements too involved and lengthy to explain here. We are willing to consider proposals and provide advice within our possibilities.

Finally, this type of machine requires rethinking how you work with it. From a different stance and position of the operator to the endless possibilites that offers the different layout of the machine itself. The web offers innumerable videos on the subject and articles written by experts. Your best bet is spending some time to learn at least the basics in its operation.

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