Plans Update


We are pleased to announce the availability of V3.1 of the Format Saw plans both in English and Spanish. The Sliding Table Attachment also has a new version 1.1. The changes are small but important. We are now suggesting a new size of ball bearing for the Retaining Wheels of the Sliding Table and changed the mounts to 3/4" instead of 1" aluminum bar stock. These two modifications enable better operation and keep the mounts farther away from the underside of part C of the Sliding Table, therefore avoiding them from eventually rubbing or scratching said part.

Those customers who purchased V3 are entitled to a free download of V3.1. Same happens to purchasers of the Sliding Table Attachment V1 which can now download V1.1 free of charge.

We thank those builders who were kind enough to advise on this issue. This project takes all feedback seriously and we are commited to update whatever requires correction or improvement.

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