Sliding Table Attachment

Sliding Table Attachment

The Sliding Table Attachment for commercial Benchtop Saws elevates their functionality to a higher level of precision and usability.

This Attachment is a self-contained unit mounted in a Support Structure which you must adapt to your particular Saw.

Please note that the unit incorporates all the necessary adjustment features as the original Sliding Table. Therefore, once properly installed it can be moved, shifted and levelled until all requirements are satisfied.

The other difference is that the Table-Top of the Sliding Table Attachment cannot normally reach up to the Blade, therefore it is narrower and rides against the fixed table left edge.

Finally, we find this an interesting project for those that eventually want to upgrade to the full Format Table Saw. The Sliding Table built as an Attachment can be used in a Format Table Saw. It will require a new Table-Top, Gussets and a different Support Structure. The rest is an exact copy of the original.

The project is also useful to try your skills in building a main component of the Format Table Saw. It is not difficult to construct. The only other somewhat more complicated and demanding would be the Power Box. So this is a way of testing your abilities before commiting yourself to a bigger project.