Frequently aked questions

Why are the plans not for free?

The creation and maintenance of this website compelled us to set a moderate price for the plans to cover the associated costs.

Why are the plans in English?

We selected English as the primary language because of its worldwide use. If we find the required time a Spanish version might become available. We will keep you informed if and when this happens.

Why are the dimensions in milimetres?

Engineering projects are usually drafted in metric units. Imperial fractional units are not suitable for the job and will result in odd values for the dimensions. Metric tapes and rulers are widespread and easy to come by.

Why are there 5 Dust Collection Blast Gates?

The prototype has 5 Blast Gates used as follows:
2 are for the saw (top to the Blade Guard, bottom to the Blade Hood)
2 are for a router installed under the table at the right side (top and bottom suction)
1 is for a small jointer powered with a dedicated router, also installed at the right side.
We suggested the same number of Blast Gates as the maximum possible in the available space. You may add them or not. It is easier to include them during construction time. The ones not used are just left closed until needed.

Do you supply printed plans by regular mail?

No, we do not.

Can you supply CAD or Sketchup drawings?

No, we do not supply such material.

How much time do you need to build the saw?

We cannot properly answer this question. There are too many variables involved (ability of the builder, available time, external support for metal turned parts, etc.) that make even a rough estimate nearly impossible.

Do you supply the lathe-turned parts?

No, we do not.

Can you provide sources for commercial components?

In the plans we suggest possible sources for commercial parts (such as T-track, Knobs, etc.). Equivalents available in your area may be used as substitutes. We cannot make suggestions as the possibilities are endless and well beyond our control.

What is the cost of materials to build the saw?

It is virtually impossible to answer this question in a proper way. The project has had such a worldwide spread that the options and associated costs are endless. Availability of components vary accordingly as well as the possibility of acquiring them. Moreover, in some locations it may become necessary to search for more or less equivalent substitutes. Venturing to set a cost, even a rough estimate, will be a fallacy.